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Planning for the future

Although the majority of us have some idea of what we would like to achieve in life and in business, very few of us have set, clear written goals. Yet this simple action is one of the most powerful steps you can take. The greatest advantage of setting clear goals is the focus that it brings to your life and the ability to prioritise your objectives so you can achieve what is really important to you. Mitchell Prockter Financial Services can help you make this a reality.

The Problem with Financial Advice

Many of our long-term clients first approach us with a specific request or product in mind. This might be due to an inheritance, a pension problem, a change of house or job, a business opportunity, or imminent retirement. Financial Advice is the term used to describe such a specific 'one off' transaction that meets your needs on that particular day. The main problem with financial advice is that no forward thinking takes place and the advice is aimed at solving a problem which has already arisen.

Long-term co-ordination

Most of us spend our lifetime working and will have some sort of long-term goal in mind for all the effort, but surprisingly few actually co-ordinate themselves to achieve it. Clients often come to us with an accumulation of investment policies assembled by a 'scattergun' approach (the consequence of successive single product financial advice). What has been missing is the more structured and co-ordinated approach of Financial Planning.

Financial understanding

Mitchell Prockter need to understand your situation in depth, your attitude and approach to risk, and your hopes for the future. Once complete, we then compile a Financial Management Plan, where we identify your targets, analyse existing arrangements and define a recommended course of action.